Welcome to PEM Business services …

I’m often asked “what is Business Consulting” – well its basically support.  How, where and what type of support depends on the company needs. I work with some clients who have all the answers, but require  guidance, challenging and assistance in formulating their Business Plans and Strategy to move their business forward. Other clients have a knowledge deficit where I support them with specific needs.


Another question often posed is “what is the difference between Consulting, Contracting and Interim” some believe this is the same and there can be a lot of confusion.  The most common explanation is that Consulting is ideas, Contracting is doing and Interim is covering. Expanding this further:



Consulting is giving expert advice, with sometimes the requirement to coach and mentor to prepare the business to become self sufficient.  Consulting can also be used to challenge the status quo, and help the business move forward.


Contracting is where the business has a Plan and knows their needs, but does not have the expertise to carry out these plans, or does not have the time to do so in the deadline.


Interim is usually where the role or activity is pre-existing, but there is a short term gap.  Other times, this may be a new role, where the business is unsure of the longevity of the requirements, and so do not wish to employ until they are confident of the permanency.


The lines between contracting and interim can be very blurred, sometimes the only difference being the expertise level; where a senior level would be classed as contracting, with the same role in low-middle levels being classed as interim.


Another common questions is “how long do you work with a business” which is like saying how long is a piece of string.  The response to the string question is … it is as long as the length you cut it. With the response to how long I work with a business … for how long the business has a need.  This may seem blasé but some clients have only required hours of my time, others days, and others are ongoing with the intensity depending on their current needs. Whatever your business necessity, please do give me a call to have an informal chat, where we can explore an outcome together.